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VOQ Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does VOQ Training differ from other programs? The workouts look similar.
A: Most training plans rely on luck for improvement: run the set workouts as fast as possible and hope to be able to do it a bit faster next time... The difference between good programs and great programs is rarely the workouts themselves, rather the way they are arranged. VOQ's Inverted Pyramid turns annual progress into a calculated, tangible item that can be worked toward with renewed goals each off-season. Building the quality work into the "base" phase allows for a much higher degree of overall quality and pace adaptation.

Q: I'm a college athlete. How will the summer training program help me? Will it affect my in-season training?
1) The Inverted Pyramid uses your recently completed Track season fitness/results to build a very specific summer training program, thus removing the guesswork from ideal training paces. This will produce much greater improvement than the typical base-building summers that many runners put in on their own.
2) The only effect it will have on your in-season training and racing is making them better! You can use the Inverted Pyramid's summer structure in conjunction with any Fall training and racing schedule.

Q: Summarize your training philosophy?
A: Medium-high mileage and medium-high intensity. The overall philosophy would best be described as even keel, with a steady dosage of year-round mileage and workout difficulty. Improvements come in the form of faster paces as fitness improves, rather than increasingly time consuming mileage boosts.

Q: Is VOQ Training a new type of training?
A: No, but it is a new way of structuring the training, for both maximized annual improvement and improved big-race peaking. The training elements will be familiar to most people.

Q: Why is the content split into two books?
A: The decision was made late in the writing process to separate out the supplemental material so as to keep the training portion of the book more focused and streamlined. Additionally, some people will be seeking only training or supplemental material, so they don't have to purchase what they're not interested in. Both books are priced low enough that anyone desiring both should not see this as a barrier.

Q: Why did you choose to self-publish, or independently publish?
A: Several reasons: speed of getting to market, lower prices for the consumer, control of material and ability to get revisions out quickly, and embracing the digital, direct-to-the-consumer future of the medium. With each book being printed at the time of order, there is no back stock to clear out that provides disincentive to releasing minor revisions. Also, without a traditional editor, there is no pressure to target specific page counts (and price points), boring the reader along the way. As a result, VOQ Training packs more information into a concise package than most books.

Q: Why are the book's prices sometimes discounted?
A: Amazon typically discounts its books below list price to match the lowest price found by resellers. This site's Purchase page reflects any current discounts on the Print edition via Amazon. They do not allow remote fetching of Kindle eBook pricing, however, so you will need to visit Amazon's product page to check for applicable discounts there.

Q: Do I need to buy an eBook reader?
A: Nope! Free eBook reader software is available for use on your computer. You can also order the print-on-demand version if you prefer the feel of an actual book in your hands.

Q: Can I see what topics are covered?
A: Certainly! Here is a snapshot of the VOQ Training for Cross Country & Track Table of Contents from the First Edition. Additionally, you may preview the Introduction for free when you sign up for the Newsletter.

Q: Can I view the full printed cover?
A: Yes, click here to open the book's full cover in a new window.

Q: Why does the cover's pyramid have 5 levels instead of 4 to signify the seasons?
A: It looks better with 5 and the pyramid refers more to the summer's cumulative work than the 4 seasons specifically.

Q: Also on the cover graphic, is that the pictured runners' coach or a rival coach?
A: It could be either, depending on the reader's interpretation. It's symbolic of either a coach in the background and runners in the limelight, or a rival coach taking notes in an attempt to match the effectiveness of their training.

Q: That all sounds great, but is anyone buying it?
A: Yes, VOQ Training has been as high as #19,973 (10/29/12) on Amazon's Sales Rank, out of 8 million plus books.

Q: What is VOQ Racing?
A: VOQ Racing is a local racing team loosely associated with VOQ Training.