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VOQ Training: Video Demonstrations

Below are brief video demonstrations of several of the exercises described in the book.

Warm-up Routine: Side Skip
Warm-up Routine: Side Jumping Jacks
Warm-up Routine: C-Skip
Warm-up Routine: Hurdle Walk
Warm-up Routine: Reach & Grab (Calves) and Hamstrings
Warm-up Routine: Knee up to Chest
Warm-up Routine: Knee off to Side
Warm-up Routine: Rhythm Snaps

VOQ Training: Downloadable Templates

Feel free to download the following templates which are described in the book:

Race Splits (MS Word) - As described in Chapter 5.

60 Minute Challenge (MS Excel) - As described in Appendix A.

If you are looking for the Iron/Ferritin and Overtraining handouts discussed in Supplemental Work for VOQ Training, click here.

VOQ Training: Archives

Some of the sources cited in the book are no longer available online and are posted here as PDF's: